Fyrkat Museum

Mediating history and landscape

7 semester, main project. This project is a proposal for a new museum at the national heritage site Fyrkat near Hobro. The vision is to create a museum that not only tells the story of the Vikings at Fyrkat, but creates connections to the surrounding elements.


“The new museum is not merely a tool to exhibit artefacts, but also a medium for accentuating the surroundings and connections to the site.”


The two focal points in the aim are to create a flow through the site connecting the elements in the surroundings and incorporating the nature as a part of the museum experience.

The views give an overview from the entry to the museum where the museum, Viking centre and lake can be seen. Also the view out onto the lake and Viking centre can be seen when standing on the terrace of the new museum.

The visitors functions are distributed as in the concept so that the exhibited artefacts are connected to the surroundings and connections to the site as it is said in the aim of the project.

The two floors are connected with a staircase. One for the visitors and one for the employees so that the employees can use all their functions without crossing the path of the visitors.

The transparent facade at the entry let in diffused light from the north leaving a light and open space at the entrance. The view from the south windows brings the nature inside and connects the visitor with the whole site before going further into the building. The natural daylight from west leaves a play of light while the visitor is going down the corridor. The spotlight at the end of the corridor leads the attention towards the artefacts.

Upstairs the light opens up to reconnect the visitor with the nature and lead them in to the exhibition where the room is lit up by the northern light that gives the room an even distributed soft light.

The terrace offers a view towards the lake and the Viking centre that is part of the Fyrkat visit. From here the café can be entered where the visitors can relax, while looking out onto the preserved landscape which is part of the experience when visiting Fyrkat.

Programs and calculations

Learning about the aspects of good acoustics where one of the key points at this semester. This was done through lectures and analysing programs as Autodesk Ecotec and other calculations concerning the subject.

Construction drawings and Building components are specified. Load calculations are made of the building by using hand calculations and Robot which is an Analysing program.

The sun and wind are always key factors when designing a building. When these factors are taken in consideration it will enhance evenly distributed light, views without being blinded by direct sunlight, good natural ventilation, nice outdoor spaces with good wind conditions etc.


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