The subject of this project is to create a office domicile on the old slaughter grounds on the Nørresundby side of Aalborg. The focus is to create a integrated building design in the form of an extension to the offices of City House which is a rental office housing.


The aim for the project is to create flexible rental offices that can be leased out to a broad target group. The building will create a connection to the old and new buildings at the site and thereby connecting the site.


On the basis of the aim the concept is to create a office domicile that can be used by a many different companies. This means that the building is to adapt to shifting needs from the leasers. The building should involve the surrounding context and thereby connect the whole area together.

The urban spaces connected to the City House is in shelter from the wind and turned toward the sun. The two building masses a top the building has view at all sides and borders between the area and site is erased.

The ground floor is focused on common areas such as cantina, meeting rooms, entrance hall etc. Upstairs there are two towers with three levels flexible rental offices. Above are three possible layouts for these.

There are three office levels in each tower and the ground level connects the two with common functions.

Render from northwest entrance.

Render from south entrance.

Render from ground floor at the cantina.

Render of a proposal layout for an office space.

Programs and calculations

CADvent: The mechanical ventilation system is calculated in CADvent.

A beam is calculated to show one of the most critical points in the structure to verify its structural integrity. It is calculated as an simple supported beam.

Other calculations

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