4 Semester, main project. An urban and architectural proposal for a new urban plan in the west side of midtown Aalborg, which includes a design for a new hostel and other recreational functions.

The vision for the hostel is to design a desirable, different and inexpensive alternative to the many hotels in midtown Aalborg.

The vision for the area is to connect the Villa area of Hasseris further in to the centre town and to create a affiliation to the west side of town in towards the centre town.

There are in total 7 floors. The ground, first and top floor with mainly public functions and the rest with rental rooms with connected functions.

The beds in the rooms are designed with the principles of the cube hotels in China. Here each user gets one cube as a hotel room thereby using much less space. This inspiration is that one cube is a bed situated in a room of two to six beds.

Programs and other calculations:

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