A geometric iteration

3 Semester, main project. A design proposal for a wall lamp at the Utzon Centre. The vision for this project is to enhance the lighting in the hallway of the Utzon Centre. This is done by choosing the right source and fixtures for the lamp so that is gives the optimal light for both a hall way and also for lighting up artwork, that is to be exhibited in the hallways of Utzon Centre. It is also a goal to create a light that reflect the roughness of the materials in the hallway to enhance the existing features in the Utzon Centre.

The diffuse light will light up the hallway with a soft distributed light that does not bother the visitors, when walking in the hallway and lights up the exhibited artefacts with even distributed light.

The shades are fixed on one track so that the lamp can be taken down in one piece, making it easy to take down and up.

The lamps are thought to be distributed around the hallway on the pillars looking in to the courtyard.

The lamp also light the pillars up at the sides giving the material direct light that shows of all the bumps in the concrete and enhances its rough surface.

This film shows the flow through the hallway and how the lamps are intended to be put up and used.

Programs and other calculations:

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